Experts Available to Discuss Russia shuts down thousands of casinos: 400,000 lose jobs; some businesses try to skirt law by becoming ‘clubs’

Meanwhile, the four sites — in Kaliningrad, the

Primorsky region, the Altai region in Siberia and near the southern

cities of Krasnodar and Rostov — report very little progress toward

construction of facilities for the new gaming establishments.


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Mr. Journalists are encouraged to submit queries to ExpertSource

when seeking experts on specific subjects. He appears

frequently on TV and newsprint. His team

provides financing and strategic advisory services across the gaming

spectrum, including commercial casinos, Native American casinos, card

clubs and racinos.

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Mr. Reedy has more than

19 years of diversified investment banking, credit, lending and risk

management experience with Textron Financial, ATT Capital, FMAC,

Merrill Lynch, and CIT. As a leading strategy consultant to

CEO’s of large multinational corporations, he has consulted on

multi-billion dollar real estate developments in international markets

with a focus on integrated resort development. Jonathan Galaviz





Galaviz holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University

of Oxford (England) – Saïd Business School.

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ExpertSource:

ExpertSource cannot guarantee the immediate availability of these

experts or their familiarity with this specific issue.

ExpertSource provides academic and industry experts to the media at no

charge. It is unclear how

much support the law has amongst ordinary Russians. Mr. He has been a leading

advisor on international joint venture formation and has managed these

consortiums with a particular expertise in Asia. Jonathan has

significant cultural and business experience that extends to mainland

China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Macau, Singapore, Dubai,

Mexico, Hong Kong and Egypt. His primary focus has been within the commercial

real estate, communications, media, franchise, and gaming segments. An online registration form

is available at

. Putin and other

elected officials wanted to project a “clean” image and weed out the

criminal element, but many experts say the law will simply drive

gambling underground.

Reedy holds a BA in Accounting and Business Administration from Thiel

College and an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz

School of Business. He holds Series 7 and 63 Licenses.

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TOPIC: Sweeping new restrictions that require all gambling

business to relocate to four remote regions of the country have prompted

thousands of Russian casinos, slot-machine parlors and betting halls to

shut down, AP and other outlets have reported. Some

establishments have tried circumventing the law, which was passed three

years ago at Vladimir Putin’s initiative, by re-tooling as poker clubs

or offering internet gambling using off-site servers. Galaviz was previously employed with

Mandalay Resort Group (now MGM-Mirage) as a Las Vegas, Nevada based

Senior Project Analyst within the corporate group focused on strategy

and technology initiatives; he left in 2002 to found an independent

consulting practice that would eventually evolve into Globalysis. Mr. Jonathan Galaviz is a founding Partner at

Globalysis Ltd, a Las Vegas, Nevada based boutique business strategy

consultancy that is exclusively focused on the casino gaming, hotel, and

real estate industries in the global travel/leisure sector. More than 40,000 workers

in Moscow alone were affected, according to Russian TV. CIT has been an active debt-capital provider to the

gaming industry since 1993, providing financing for growth expansion,

acquisition, new builds, equipment, and refinancing. Steve Reedy is Managing Director of CIT

Communications, Media Entertainment, Gaming and Leisure

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