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The cards are completely readable, the art is professional and appealing, and the designs do more than just look great, they make it easier to play. If buyers actually read my site before they started plunking down money, Magnum Opus never would have funded. It’s a neat way to throw in an extra angle to make Magnum Opus more interesting, and that’s a definite improvement.

magnum_front_largePeople should stop sending me games before their Kickstarters are finished. I’m in the process of cleaning my office and getting rid of the massive stacks of games I don’t want, and Magnum Opus is not joining the pile of dross that I can’t wait to expunge from my home.


You can grab yourself a copy of Magnum Opus from Game Salute, and their price on it is fairly reasonable:


Vastly improved art that actually makes it easier to play

Better rules and a few clean-ups make it flow better and play easier

The player abilities are a neat addition

They fixed the art. I compared the art to dog droppings and said the game had lots of ugly holes.. They went from absolutely abysmal art to pretty darn slick, and so the prototype I played did the finished game a considerable injustice. I’m glad to see the considerable improvements, especially in the art department, and I look forward to play Magnum Opus again. Magnum Opus looks good now.

Aug 22, 2014

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They also appear to have fixed some of the gaming holes that irritated me so badly the first time I saw them (though I must confess that we played some of the cards incorrectly the first time, so the fountains of gold problem was actually our fault, and not the design). Hiring apprentices is a lot harder when gold is not flowing like rain in a hurricane, and with the rules being a lot more clear about some of the oversights we made in our initial test, they didn’t feel so much like we were cheating.

2-4 players

This is going to be a short review, because I already wrote about Magnum Opus once, and this is really more a way to tell you about the parts that are better now. For all my regular readers, I apologize for the lack of jokes about dog poop or genitalia.

There are also some nifty extras that we were missing because the game hadn’t funded yet. It’s so much better now, you may not even know you’re playing the same game. That was really my biggest complaint with the pre-Kickstarter Magnum Opus – the design was so bad that it was hard to play the game.


Still not much interaction, just a deck-building race

If they had been smart, they would have sent me the game after it was funded, because now that it’s a finished product, Magnum Opus is actually a pretty cool game. My first review of Magnum Opus (you can read it HERE) was something short of flattering. Now when you play, you can take individual player powers that will let you learn from the other players’ experiments or otherwise have a bonus only you can use

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