how can i get a free bet on betfair?

Say you back £100 on horse A at odds of 7.60 on Betfair, you wait a while and the horse has been heavily backed so the price has gone down to 6.00, then you lay the horse for £100 meaning you will profit £152.00 if the horse wins and not lose anything if it doesn’t. BUT be careful as you can lose if you don’t know what you are doing.

You need to trade.

To see how the above example is achievable the workings are:

£100 back @ odds 7.6 = 6.6 x £100 = £660

£100 lay @ odds 6.00 = 5.0 x £100 = £500

Therefore if it wins you win £660 and lose £500 giving £160 odd profit and essentially giving you a ‘free bet’. If any other horse wins the two £100 bets cancel each other out to £0.


An example is this. The art to do this is to learn how to predict which way the odds are going to move and is similar to what traders to at the stock exchange but with horse racing and sports rather than commodities, stocks etc

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